Fourth Stimulus Check Now Confirmed! Stimulus Checks Hitting Bank Accounts - SS, SSI, SSDI - 4th Stimulus Check Update 2023

 Fourth Stimulus Check Now Confirmed! Stimulus Checks Hitting Bank Accounts - SS, SSI, SSDI - 4th Stimulus Check Update 2023

Fourth Stimulus Check Now Confirmed! Stimulus Checks Hitting Bank Accounts - SS, SSI, SSDI - 4th Stimulus Check Update 2023

Now, Congress is planning to make big changes. Starting just a few weeks, the low income households could be set to qualify for a new type of relief. If you're struggling paying necessities for rent, you may be eligible to receive a bonus check worth up to $500. And now 20 states have already failed to raise the minimum wage above the federal $7.25 an hour standard 16 everybody have more than 12% of their children living in poverty. And anti poverty advocates say that it's a sign there's an urgent need for lawmakers to increase defending and do more to help struggling families. Congress had the opportunity to achieve the latter by expanding the child tax credit before the end of the year. But lawmakers just didn't derive at a deal with Republicans to include it in a spending bill. Some say that raising the minimum wage would not lead to as fast or drastic of an improvement. However, according to analysis, in 2019, increasing the amount to $15 an hour would lift more than 500,000 people out of poverty. And the Economic Policy Institute estimated in 2021 that if Congress passed a $15 minimum wage increase by 2025, up to 4 million people wouldn't even have to live in poverty, 1.3 million of those being children.

But there are lawmakers in Congress that want to continue to send families monetary relief checks. So far, Congressman Adam Schiff has sent a letter and he's urging the House to extend the expanded child tax Credit soon as possible. The child's tax credit monthly payments are used by millions of families in California and across the country to pay for necessities including food, rent and educational expenses. This American rescue plan has actually critically expanded its reach and benefits folks, increasing multi checks and the number of eligible recipients by removing an earnings requirement that kept the lowest income families from claiming the full credit. But so far, between July and December, child poverty was slashed by nearly 40% to reach a record low of 5.2. And now 3 million people will listed out poverty in a single month. But Congress has put nearly 10 million children nationwide at risk of falling deeper and deeper into poverty as they did not pass a bill to continue to expand. But as House Democrats put forward the biggest legislative priorities over the next four weeks, adam Schiff is urging that an extension of the child tax credit is included to any year end package.

The expanded child tax could provide a lifeline to more than 65.6 million children nationwide and nearly 8 million people in California. Folks, so far everybody. According to data from the center on Budget and Policy Priorities, since the expansion expired, an estimated 20 million children nationwide have been unable to claim the full payments. And then we have another thing to talk about folks. It's a Democratic lawmakers introducing the new bill to increase the state child tax credit for working families. This is done in efforts to address rising levels of poverty in the city and states of New York. And this is pretty good, because it now means that the most payments could be sending out more and be sent out now in 2022 and 2024. And even in 2025, a bill to create the New York State Working Families Credit would actually increase the state Child Tax credit program to 1500 per child from 500 and expand eligibility to children under age four and families making some pretty no money families actually were paid quarterly. And since single taxpayers make an interest gross income of 25 grand or less, or couples making 50,000 or less who filed joint return, they would be eligible for the benefit.

The state Department of Taxation of Finance would assess a family's eligibility for their credit through income filings from their annual tax return. The west also started 2023 again as one of the few wealthy nations without any national paid family leave or paid sick leave program. Folks, this is bad because with Congress divided, advocates are turning to states to bolster benefits for workers and families. And the Democrats attempt to pass four weeks have paid federal family leave to fall apart in the US. Senate, leaving a patchwork of rules for workers and businesses to navigate across the state. By state nature of this is pretty dangerous of the rules means to millions of Americans, millions of families are in need of help, and it means that something should be done sooner than later. Because now, as of this year, 13 states, including DC. Have passed some paid family leave program. 14 states in DC have enacted the paid sick leave program, but an estimated 28 million workers still have no and guaranteed paid sick time.

The great Francis Perkins, FDR's Labor Secretary, once said a government should aim to give all the people under its jurisdiction the best possible life. That's it. That's the job. That's what we're here to do. And I cannot stay here, stand here and say we're done yet. Because even though we've set the table for what should be the most prosperous time in New York history, if New Yorkers don't feel safe in their communities, if they can't afford to buy a home or pay their rent, then the dream stays out of reach for them. And we're already seeing signs of out migration that we can no longer ignore. Something I know all too well from growing up in Western York at a time when jobs were so hard to find. We cannot let that happen again. But the good news is, it does not have to be that way. But I'll discuss today is a broad overview of key policies that will make New York more affordable, more livable and safer. So let me tell you just how we plan to do that. My number one priority has always been and always will be keeping New Yorkers safe.

A day has not gone by where I've not been laser focused on this objective. All the pandemic caused so much havoc in our state and our country and society, and it had a profound effect on public safety that pervasive unease that wormed its way into our day to day lives. The social isolation, the economic distress led to a nationwide rise in gun crimes and violence that were still combating. And to respond what we saw right here in New York, we had to develop new strategies and invest in new programs and strengthen our gun violence prevention laws, passing even stronger ones and closing loopholes like banning ghost guns. And I want to thank our Attorney General for her work on making sure that the red flag laws are executed Schumer and its allied Democrats are keeping Pressure on Biden big action ahead of.

The midterms and avoid making a move too minor to help at the ballot box. The Biden administration has paused repayments on student loans through August. The president himself has sounded a sympathetic note about the importance of some cancellation is needed. While aides explore how big he can go, his administration is exploring a way to limit higher earners from getting the benefits of cancellation. Now, President Biden is expected to make an announcement on this very soon. Hopefully we'll see him send out stimulus checks in the coming days. Folks, we have a ton of good news with the Ford stimulus check. Social Security benefits, SSI and SSDI continue reading this topic because you definitely don't want to miss out on this. Now, in some cases, the Social Security Administration, everybody can withhold a portion of your benefits. Here's some more information on that. Millions of Social Security recipients could see A big change to the monthly benefit check soon.

The federal government has confirmed that some Americans will be receiving a larger relief payment than others. So Social Security benefits can potentially make or break retirement for millions of people. In fact, according to a survey, around one in five older Americans say that Social Security is their sole source of retirement income. If you plan to rely on your benefits in any capacity in retirement, it's wise to ensure you're receiving as much as possible. But there are a few unexpected ways you could lose your benefit benefits without regularizing it, your Social Security benefits may be subject to both state and federal income taxes in retirement, whether or not You owe taxes today.

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