Fourth Stimulus Check & Benefit Raise - SSA, SSDI, SSI | Stimulus Check, Stimulus Update, Stimulus Package 2022

 Fourth Stimulus Check & Benefit Raise - SSA, SSDI, SSI | Stimulus Check, Stimulus Update, Stimulus Package 2022

Answering your main burning questions when it comes to a fourth stimulus check and raises to benefits including Social Security, retirement, SSDI survivors, SSI, VA, and RRB. as I'm here for you right by your side every single day in these dedicated topics, helping you out in any way that I can with all this information that I find while doing all this daily research as well as anywhere else, that I can possibly be here for you in this community, as that is my commitment to you and this community as a whole as it is very important. I see the struggle down below in the comments section literally every single day. There's a lot of people that are having a hard time right now and I want to do whatever I possibly can to be here for you in any way, shape, or form, help you get more money, more benefits, programs, whatever it is that we can possibly find that we can take advantage of.

That's what I'm here for you to do. I'm here to find all the information, distill it all down in these short videos, and truly just be here for you as your one and only daily advocate. So again, thank you so much for visiting our site. I truly do appreciate it. Without you, this community would be absolutely nothing.

So thank you so much for being part of this community. Honestly, it's all about you here. So let's get right into it. And if you haven't done so, make sure to subscribe down below. All right.

So in this topic, I want to talk about this dedicated topic, which is something that I continue seeing showing up in the comments section a lot, literally every single day. In fact, like I said a minute ago, I read hundreds and hundreds of comments every single day. And I see this coming up day after day after day. So I want to make this dedicated topic for you and just talk through what we know as of right now, what's still up in the air, what's a big mystery, and what all the information is that we have at our disposal at this moment. So let me talk through this.

First off, there are two main questions that I continue to see coming up all the time. Now, again, these are written in a variety of different ways, but essentially it's asking the same thing. Number one, when it comes to a fourth stimulus check, when are we going to get it? Who's going to be included? How much is it going to be?

How soon can we have it? All this business, it's basically revolving around a fourth stimulus check. Is there going to be one all of this? So I want to answer that in one dedicated answer as well. Next I really want to talk about a benefit raise as well.

Again, I know that a lot of you here in the community receive some type of monthly benefit, whether it's Social Security retirement, SSDI survivors, SSI VA, RRB, any of these benefits. I want to talk about that as well because again, a lot of people are wondering, are we going to get some kind of raise to our benefits? If so, how much? When are we getting a $200 raise? All of these questions.

Again, they're asked in so many different variety of ways. But I want to answer all that for you again in one answer. All right, so let's quickly talk about the stimulus check as of right now. All right, so when it comes to a fourth stimulus check, where do we honestly truly stand with this thing right here, right now? Again, I'm going to say this.

I've said it before in all the videos, but just stick with me for a minute so I can talk through this. As of right now, just like about 800 million other little proposals, bills, and other things that are out there right now within Congress. There's so much that is still up in the air right now. There's so much that is undecided. That's why we don't really have a lot of good answers for you, simply because nothing is definitive at this point.

Congress has like 50 different bills that they're working on right now. I mean, seriously, obviously, I'm exaggerating a little bit. Obviously, I'm not giving the exact numbers. But seriously, they're working on so many different things right now. It's like they don't even have enough focus to work on one thing at a time that kind of narrow it down, could get one thing done at a time and then come back and focus on the next one.

But rather they're trying to chase 50 different rabbits. And like the saying goes, try to chase 50 and you get zero, right or whatever. It's something like that. But the point is, when you try to chase too many things, honestly, you don't get anything. And that's exactly what Congress is working on right now is they're trying to focus on way too many things and they're getting nothing done.

So what does all this mean when it comes to a fourth simul check? Here's the deal. It all comes down to Congress. I mean, honestly, they are the ones who hold the cards to get this done. Of course, the President holds a card, too.

He could write an executive order if he just so decided to do so. That would be an option as well. But it's mainly up to Congress. The likelihood of the President doing an executive order for a simuls check is honestly probably very, very, very slim. It's probably not even an option.

So just being real with you right now, and I hope you can respect the honesty and the transparency right here, right now, however, we're going to have to bring it down to Congress here's what's going to happen basically, it's going to come down to Congress. They're going to have to determine do we feel that the American people need a stimulus check? The true answer behind that is this much does everybody need a check? Nobody not everybody needs a check. Do some people need a check?

Oh, yeah, some people need a check. I mean let's get real here. Some people need a check. Like right now. Like six months ago.

You know what I mean? A lot of people.

Need a check immediately. And I think a lot of those people are right here in this community among millions of other people out there that have not found this community quite yet. But hopefully, they do sometime soon. My point is there's a lot of low-income and fixed-income Americans who need another stimulus check. We know this.

This is no surprise at all. This is not new information to us. We know this. And it is something that is very widespread. I think all of us can agree here ubiquitously that, yeah, another check is needed for the low income and the fixed income.

But again, it all comes down to Congress. Now, why do I continue to come back and give you these stimulus updates every single day? The deal is because they're currently working on the newly revised stimulus package. In fact, as I mentioned, not yesterday. Sorry.

Earlier this morning in my topic, what they're now calling it is a skinny bill. Again, that's what they're not calling it. Again, this is not an official name for it. This is just kind of the new word that they're throwing around out there is the new skinny bill in replacement of the Build Back Better Act or Agenda. Right.

So that's why we got to continue watching Congress. We're hoping this much will come out of Congress when they work their way through this bill that they also recognize in conjunction with the child tax credit payments, that they'll also throw a bone in there for the low income, the fixed income seniors, the elderly and people with disabilities who receive fixed income benefits who do not fall into the category of being eligible for the child tax credit payments. So that's really what we're banking on right here, right now is that Congress comes to the senses and realizes, hey, there's 333,000,000 people or thereabouts in this country and about 50 million to maybe 100 million of them need another stimulus check. Let's do what's best and let's send all these people another check. So that's what we're really banking on here with this next payment.

Is it going to go out to everybody? No, honestly, if I had to put money on it right now and say, will another stimulus check be sent out to all the people that got it last time, I'm going to say 100%? No, not a chance. No way. However, we would be really focusing on and banking on them to send out a focused stimulus check for the low income and the fixed income.

That's what we're banking on here. That is what we're going for. We're not going for a widespread check. No, honestly, it's not going to happen. There's no way.

However, we really are banking on that highly focused check for about 50 million people or so, again, it could be 60 million, it could be 100, it could be 49. Whatever it's around that range, the lower-income and the fixed income, that's what we're focusing on. So we've got to continue watching this very closely. We need to continue keeping you updated simply because you never know when something may come out. I mean, let's be real.

The last three stimulus checks that we received, did we get like four warning that, oh, my, there might be a check coming, or was it all of a sudden we snapped our fingers one day and all of a sudden, Whoa, did they just say they want to send us a check? Yeah, that's how it happened, right? So all of a sudden, out of nowhere, we got one rogue lawmaker that came out. Well, rogue being a good thing, right? In this sense.

Come on, guys, be rogue. Send us a check. So my point is, at one point previously with the other packages, essentially one person came out and said, okay, here's what we got to do. Let's add a check into the package. And then ultimately it got some momentum, it got some support, and then they got the check into the package.

So that's why we're watching this very closely, because you never know what may make it way into the next stimulus package. Plus, we know that the midterm elections are here just a few months away, and honestly, they need to get themselves some votes. How can you get some votes? Well, throw some money out to the people and metaphorically buy some votes is essentially what it comes down to. And again, that's not me taking sides.

All parties do it. They always have. And that's just kind of what happens, right? When you try to get the attention of people, throw some money out, and of course, you get some attention. Right?

So anyway, just throwing that out there. However, when it comes to a fourth stimulus check, honestly, there's so much up in the air right now, anything could happen at any given point. Can we guarantee that one will happen? No, can't guarantee anything. Can I guarantee that one will not happen?

No, I can't guarantee that either. Honestly, we have no clue. Nobody knows. Which is why I want to make sure to keep you updated every single day, because you never know. Some random day, some guy could come out and say, hey, I had a dream, and my dream said that we sent out stimulus checks to everybody.

I like it. I have that dream almost every night. Right? Well, I don't know what I dream about. Honestly, I don't remember.

But my point is that would surely be a very good dream for a lot of people. So that's my point about stimulus check number four is we've got to continue to keep you updated. And that's what I'm here for every day, is to watch this very closely for you. All right, so I think I made that kind of clear right there. Again, it could come and it may not come.

Honestly, nobody knows that yet. So I hope that kind of makes it clear and answers the questions also let's quickly talk about monthly benefits will there be a benefit raise? Are they going to raise your benefits? Will there be a temporary $200 boost? All these questions that I continue to get every day as well again I've talked about this a little bit recently. When it comes to the $200 boost, honestly, I highly doubt that's going to happen. Just being real with you right now, I highly doubt that $200 boost is going to happen. That is something that was introduced way back in March of 2020, almost two years ago, and absolutely nothing has been done with it unless it gets reintroduced as a new bill, which again, kind of highly doubt it.

And just being real with you once again, I hope you can respect me for that. Unless it gets reintroduced, I don't think that one's coming back, unfortunately. Again, when it comes to other raises from other things, maybe like the Social Security $2,100, all these other proposals out there. Again, there's a couple of others that are very similar to the Social Security 2100. There's also the SSI Restoration Act. What is going on with all this? I believe it was last week I had a video out for you, giving you the latest updates on both of these. Here's what happened, unfortunately. So as a result of the build-back better agenda that was supposed to be passed by Christmas Day, remember we've talked about this in great detail. It didn't pass, and they've been sitting on their hands ever since. So since that did not pass, unfortunately, the whole plan for this whole thing, the Social Security 2100 and the SSI Restoration Act to be brought up in Congress on the floor to be negotiated, debated out, and kind of hammered out a little bit was supposed to be happening, according to the sources, about six weeks or so ago, actually probably about seven, about a month and a half ago or so, give or take a couple of weeks.

But this one we were seeing back then is probably about mid-December time, as we were seeing some reports saying that they wanted to revisit these two early in the new year. Well, we're already in February of 2022 as of this recording anyway, and we haven't seen anything. But here's the deal, because the build-back better agenda did not pass before Christmas like they wanted it to. Unfortunately, the whole schedule has been pushed out even more. Therefore, we got to continue waiting for them to get the billed back better or the equivalent, the skinny bill out of the way so they can focus on other priorities like hopefully the Social Security 2100 based on the information that we got last year in 2021, the end of December of 2021, and the SSI Restoration Act. So those may contain a raise for benefits, maybe not. Depends on how much they actually save these bills down. Do they negotiate the potential raises out of the bills? Do they incorporate something more into them? Again, there's a lot that's opened up right now. There are a lot of different provisions that are up for debate right now. So as you can see, just like I said a minute ago at the beginning of the topic, there's so much up in the air right now, it's unbelievable.

Congress says all these things are trying to juggle, and that's all they're doing. It's just having a big old juggling act here and we're all just kind of sitting here watching the juggling. Right. So that's basically what it comes down to now when it comes to any other raises. Well, at this point, this is what I've been finding. This is pretty much the only thing that's out there right now that I can find anyway. Maybe they're talking about something else, but honestly, I haven't seen it. So when it comes to another raise, again, we'd have to bank on them to do something about the Social Security 2100 Andor the SSI Restoration Act, and that would encompass a lot of those benefits right there. So I hope this can answer some of the questions for those of you down below in the comments section wondering what's going on with this? Are we getting a raise? Are we not? Are we getting a stimulus check? Are we not? Where does all this stand? Well, it all stands in the little perpetual circle of juggling balls that Congress is tossing up in the air kind of thing, right?

Hopefully, they don't drop any because if they drop one, that means, oh, now we got to start over and maybe it will come back or maybe they'll just leave it late on the floor and they'll kick it into the audience, right kind of thing. You know what I'm talking about. I think everybody's picturing some dude on a stage juggling a bunch of colored balls, right? Yeah, I think we've all seen that, right? I know I have. Anyway, I kind of hope this answers the questions for you. And again, just please remember, I'm the messenger for you. I'm here doing all this research on a daily basis to boil it all down, to help you out in any way that I can't be. I hope that you just respect that. I'm being honest with you, being transparent with all the information that I have here. I'm the messenger. Please don't be upset with me. I'm just giving you the information. I'm on your team. Unlike some other people out there, Congress, they're not exactly on our team all that much. But I am. I'm here for you and I want to do whatever I possibly can and I'll continue doing it because that's my dedication to you and this community as a whole.

So hope that answers it for you. Thanks again for being part of the community. I truly appreciate it. Like I said a second ago, honestly, this community would be absolutely nothing without you here. So thanks again for being part of it. It's all centered around you. So thanks for being part of it.  I'll catch you again later on the next topic. thank you so much bye.

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