$2,000 Stimulus Check Clarity & 250 Groups Calling on it to Pass | $2000 Stimulus Check

 $2,000 Stimulus Check Clarity & 250 Groups Calling on it to Pass | $2000 Stimulus Check

$2000 stimulus check. Clarification and huge thank you. Also, hundreds of advocacy groups are calling on lawmakers to pass the next stimulus package. I have all the details for you on this topic. And I'm here for you every single day with all the latest details as information is changing very rapidly right now, and I do all the research on your behalf. I distill it all down into these short videos because my commitment to you and this community as a whole is to do all this research and find any kind of money, benefits, programs, or anything else that we need to know about right now. And I deliver it in these short topics every single day so that anytime something comes up that we can take advantage of, I'm right here by your side letting you know what is out there available for all of us right here in the community. So again, thank you so much for your support.

I truly do appreciate it. I get it. The struggle is real right now, but I'm right here with you doing anything I possibly can to help out all of you in this community. So again, thanks for believing in me. I really do appreciate it. Let's get into it right away. All right, so quick side note here. Let's quickly talk about that previous video from earlier today, talking about February 9 and a potential $2000 fourth stimulus check. Hey, thank you so much for all the nice comments on that video. I've been reading through hundreds of comments on that topic so far today and a lot of really nice comments. However, I do want to address a couple of things here that I've been seeing coming up down in the comments section, I've seen a few people ask the following question, and again, it's written in a variety of ways. But essentially the question is, does this mean it's game over on a fourth stimulus check? Does this mean it is not coming for sure ever? Now, here's what we have to say about that. 

When it comes to a fourth stimulus check, honestly, we have no clue what Congress is going to do. That's why I've said before, we've got to watch all this stuff very, very closely every single day. Because as Congress continues to talk about the next stimulus package, as they continue to assess the whole COVID situation, as they continue to assess how many Americans are struggling right now, as they continue to look at the inflation situation, there's so much going on right now. We have to watch all of this, all of the parameters, because it's so highly correlated, very closely that we never know at what point maybe Congress will finally break and say, okay, fine, we're going to approve a stimulus check focused on the low income or whatever they decide. In fact, I've been talking about a little bit lately, too, that the election cycle will be starting here as well. And with all this coming up here soon, with the election, the midterm, and stuff like that, they're going to need to do everything they possibly can to get the votes of the American people. Right. Well, how can you get votes? Well, sending money is certainly one way to get votes, right.

And the sending it out in the form of a stimulus check, or at this point, honestly, let's just call it what it is. It's a survival check at this point, just like what they called it one other time when lawmakers were previously talking about this. So when it comes to a fourth stimulus check, $2,000, $1,400, whatever it happens to be, does this mean it is game over? In fact, no, not at all. Does it mean it's for surely coming again? No, not at all. There's nothing for sure at this point at all. One thing is for sure, Congress is working very slow. That is a for sure, right. I think a lot of us can agree here that it is a very, very, very slow process. But as of right now, that's why we need to continue watching this, because at any given point, they could add a stimulus check or maybe they could just stiff us and give us absolutely nothing. But we don't know that quite yet. That's why we got to continue watching this. But anyway, for those of you that watched that video from earlier, thanks so much for all the nice comments.

I appreciate it. I saw a number of you reaching out and saying, I love it. I love the trust, the honesty, the transparency that you're giving here in these topics. I love how much that you're just being Truthful about this. That's what I'm here for, honestly. I'm here to give you the accurate information, even if it's information that you don't want to hear sometimes. But here's the deal. Being honest is way more important to me than coming back and telling you and just everybody what we want to hear all the time. Right? That's not the best solution, in my opinion. The best solution, in my opinion, is to give you honest, accurate information and maintain your trust, even though sometimes, just like earlier, we need to share information that may not be exactly what we want to hear. In fact, I saw a couple of comments down below also on that previous video that said, I'm a little bit disappointed right now, but at the same time, I'm Super grateful for your honesty. So again, thank you so much. I really do appreciate it. It means so much to me to have all of you right here in this community and to do all this research and to do whatever I possibly can to bring you the honest, accurate information, which is my commitment to you and this community.

So again, if there's any more confusion about that February 9, which again, I don't think there's probably going to be any more confusion considering how much I elaborated on that in that previous topic. But again, feel free to go check out that topic from earlier today. I talked about February 9 and this talk about a potential stimulus check being sent out that day, deposited an executive order, all of this business. Yeah, I would say go back and watch that video from earlier. I laid it all out very closely. I did some research on this, figured out where this is coming from. And honestly, it's a very unreliable source of information. But again, if I'm wrong, I don't think I am. But I'm just saying, if I'm wrong, then I don't even know what to say. But honestly, there's just no way. Right. I laid all that out previously in the video. I made it very clear. But again, that's just where we currently stand as of right now. Could something come here in a month? Yeah, possibly. We just don't know. And as we've seen previously in other videos, we've talked about this March 1 deadline that they potentially have in the sand right now, right.

This March 1 deadline that they put out there as an arbitrary date and said, okay, this is the day we're going to get the package done by this day. And again, could it be done by then? It could be, but that's getting pretty tight on time here. We're only four weeks away from there right now, so they certainly need to focus on some things and get stuff done because the build-back better agenda, the original package is stalled. It's not happening the first one anyway. And they're in the process of revising the second one or the replacement, I should say, of the build-back better agenda. But they're not exactly making a whole lot of progress on it a little bit. They've got a few provisions, they're working on a few things where they've come together and they are agreeing on them as a whole. But for the most part, they're not making like a ton of progress every single day. Right. So anyway, I'll keep you posted as we get more information. All right. Let's quickly talk about these hundreds of advocacy groups that are talking about how they've sent letters over to every single member of the Senate calling on them to pass the billed back better agenda.

So as of right now, there are over 250 advocacy groups that have written letters and sent them over to the senators, all senators calling on them to support and pass swiftly the build back better agenda. So these advocacy groups could be made up of all kinds of different groups all across the country, but essentially just saying, hey, you guys got to get this done right now. In fact, just the other day, a group of CEOs met the President at the White House, and they were talking about the build back Better Agenda and how important it is to get this thing done, which, by the way, the CEOs that met with the President were actually CEOs from large carmakers, right? Well, why do they want it to be passed? Here's why they wanted to be passed, because there are huge tax incentives in the bill to buy electric vehicles. So these CEOs know that it's going to drop all down to the bottom line, because if they give huge tax credits for people to go out and buy electric vehicles and people start doing that, these car makers are going to make a boatload of money.

So of course they want it to pass, right? Yeah, of course they do, because it's going to ultimately benefit them a ton. So I think all of us can see through the smoke and mirrors when it comes to that whole thing, right. Anytime that something's going to benefit people. Of course they want it to pass right away, which is if it contained a stimulus check. Of course, we'd be sitting here pounding the table, also saying, pass it right away, get it done. Let's get this done. But at this point, we've been watching it and saying, okay, there's not really any stimulus checks in there, not yet. There's the child tax credit. Again, those would be monthly checks going out to about 36 to 38 million families and individuals. But for the vast majority of seniors, the elderly, people with disabilities, there wouldn't be those child tax credit payments going out, unless, of course, you have kids that are under the age 18. But again, we've covered all that in previous videos. So at this point, again, it's nice to see that there is some support with these advocacy groups calling up to Congress to pass the bill back better agenda.

But at the same time, there's still a lot of work ahead of them that they still need it done here. However, we've also heard remarks out of people like Stenny Hoyer, who is Democrat number two in the House of Representatives, as in the second-ranking Democrat in the House. And he has also mentioned that he believes that the vast majority, or at least a large percentage of these provisions within the billed by Better Agenda will pass prior to the midterm elections. Well, guess what? That's a long time from now, right? That's later this year, early November is the midterm elections. So here's what it kind of sounds like based on if we read between the lines between what the lawmakers are saying right now, it sounds to me like they're going to probably break this thing up in multiple little packages and or possibly stand-alone bills, or maybe they'll take as much as they possibly can, lump it together into one bigger package, pass that through, and then see what else they can do through executive order or possibly revisit at some point in the future later on this year and pass that independently at that time.

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