Stimulus Package Update $1,300 Social Security Benefit Raise - Bernie Sanders & His Plan - Stimulus Package Update 2021 - 2022

 Stimulus Package Update $1,300 Social Security Benefit Raise - Bernie Sanders & His Plan - Stimulus Package Update 2021 - 2022

$1300 benefit raise for Social Security Beneficiaries, Bernie Sanders and his plan to reform Social Security and ultimately raise benefits for millions of beneficiaries. I have the full details of sales for you in this topic. And, yes, we will also be talking about Social Security disability, SSDI, and Survivor's Beneficiaries. And I take all that information, and I bring it back to you right here in these videos. So again, thanks so much for joining me. Subscribe to our website. And let's get into this right away. All right. So as of recently, we've been seeing a number of different lawmakers coming out with their plans to reform Social Security and ultimately raise benefits for millions of beneficiaries.

Well, most recently, just yesterday, we saw John Larson on the floor in the House once again talking about the Social Security 2100, some really good information there. And I'll have more videos coming out for you on that later today. Also, just a couple of days ago, we saw another representative, Al Lawson coming up with his proposal as well once again to reform the program and ultimately raise benefits for millions of beneficiaries. While at the same time, we do know that we also have very influential people in Congress and, of course, the presidency who have their own plans to do the same, reform Social Security, and ultimately raise benefits for millions of beneficiaries.

So let's talk about Bernie Sanders because here's the thing. I think many of you in this community recognize who Bernie Sanders is, and he is also a very influential as well as powerful Senator. And he has a lot of polls with everything going on. So I want to talk through Bernie Sanders and his plan to actually reform Social Security and the $1,300 benefit raise that he has embedded within his plan for Social Security. So it's actually some pretty good stuff here. So I'm actually going to bring my wife in right here right now, and she's going to read something to you right off of Bernie Sanders website showing his plan to actually fix up Social Security.

And, yes, we also do cover this $1,300 benefit raise, which is also encompassed in here. So it takes Corey about three minutes to read this. So I'm going to bring her in right now. She's going to read it right off of Bernie's website. And then I will catch you again in just a couple of minutes here, and we will go through the key takeaways out of this information. All right, Corey, take it away. And I'll see you again in just a minute.

The right to a secure retirement today, we say to our senior citizens that we understand that you cannot live in dignity when you are trying to survive on 13 or $14,000 a year in Social Security benefits. My Republican colleagues want to cut Social Security, but we have some bad news for them. We are not going to cut Social Security benefits. We are going to expand them at a time when about half of American households over the age of 55 have no retirement savings and one out of five seniors are trying to live on less than $13,500 a year.

Our job is not to cut Social Security. Our job is to expand Social Security so that everyone in this country can retire with the dignity that they have earned and everyone with a disability can live with the security they need. Social Security is the most successful government program in our nation's history. Before Social Security was signed into law, nearly half of senior citizens lived in poverty today. While much too high, the poverty rate for seniors is down to 9.2% through the good times and bad. Social securities has paid every nickel owed to every American eligible on time and without delay.

This is an extraordinary accomplishment. Despite what you may have heard from those who want to cut back on Social Security, let's be clear Social Security is not going broke. Social Security has a $2.9 trillion surplus and can pay every benefit owed to every eligible American for the next 16 years. Although Social Security's finances are strong, Congress must strengthen and expand it for generations to come. How can we do that? Simple? At a time of massive income and wealth inequality, the wealthiest Americans in this country must pay their fair share into the system.

Today, a billionaire pays the same amount of money into Social Security as someone who makes 1000 $332,900 a year. Because the Social Security payroll tax is capped, Bernie's standard Social Security plan would lift the cap and apply the payroll tax on all income over $250,000 in order to accomplish four things. First, we'll make sure that Social Security will pay every benefit owed to every eligible American for the next 52 years. Second, we will extend benefits across the board, including a $1,300 a year benefit increase for seniors with incomes of $16,000 a year or less.

Third, we will lift millions of seniors out of poverty by increasing the minimum of benefits paid to low-income workers when they retire. And fourth, we will increase cost of living adjustments to keep up with the rising cost of health care and prescription drugs by establishing a consumer price index for the elderly these are the words directly pulled off of bernie sanders website this is his plan and what he wants to do to actually reform social security and ultimately raise benefits for a lot of beneficiaries so let's quickly run through some of the key takeaways out of what cory just read off of bernie sanders website so number one he wants to institute a couple different things number one being increase the solvency of the program for many many years to come in other words basically taxing those people paying in through the social security payroll tax to ultimately increase the solvency of the program even though he did cite that the social security trust fund is flushed with cash right now with about 2.9 trillion dollars as of now so that's a lot of money but we also do know that tax revenues are actually less than what is being paid out on a regular basis for social security beneficiaries so basically what it comes down to is the trust fund is leaking like a slow trickle right more money is going out than what is actually coming in and ultimately is going to lead to insolvency in about 12 years or so now i know it's a long time from now but you know what time goes really fast i think all of us know that by now right so that's one of the provisions bernie wants to start taxing people on higher wages because as he said right there on the website somebody earning about 135 to about 140,000 as of right now pays the same amount into social security taxes as somebody earning a million dollars or 5 million or a billionaire so basically he's saying this isn't right we've got to raise this tax the taxes and people earning higher salaries need to pay more into social security.

so that would be one way to increase the solvency as in more tax revenues going into the program also we heard right there he wants to implement the cpie which is the consumer price index for the elderly here's what's interesting this also comes up on numerous other proposals to actually raise social security benefits and reform the program including that one that we just talked about yesterday from john Larson the social security 2100 they also want to implement the cpie  in that as well the same thing with the proposal from al lawson just the other day as well where they want to institute this new cpie so basically what this would do it was it would track the annual inflation and the month over month inflation for actual seniors people who typically draw on social security benefits 

because your expenses are very different than somebody else who is spending money on different things because they're you know maybe not drawing on social security right so what they're finding is that most of the time social security beneficiaries are paying a lot more for health care like as a percentage of income on health care and other medical related expenses therefore that does not have a very much very high weighting in the actual cpi numbers that are currently being used so they want to change the calculation which would ultimately increase the annual cost of living adjustment a little bit more so to better reflect the actual inflation that many social security beneficiaries are actually dealing with on an annualized and monthly basis so that would be a really good one and that is very widespread the cpie that is want to be implemented there also let's quickly talk about this 1,300 benefit raise as you saw right there in what corey read right off of bernie sanders website instituting a 1,300 uh annual benefit raise for pretty much anybody earning under sixteen thousand dollars from your social security benefits so this would be huge right i mean think about that a thirteen hundred dollar raise it would uh calculate out to about what does it come up to honestly i didn't run the math on it it'd be a little over a hundred dollars a month so you know i don't know 108 a month something like that is what it would come out to on a monthly basis but on annualized basis it'd be one thousand three hundred dollars that'd be pretty helpful for a lot of people right now especially as we deal with all of these rising prices due to this massive inflation going on with everything inflating and your monthly benefits literally staying the exact same so your purchasing power is declining right it's depleting every single month because of this inflation so this 1300 annual benefit raise would actually be pretty nice for a lot of people even though we know it needs to be significantly more than that at least it's a start right at least it's something rather than just staying the same or reversing right so at least this is something but anyway i wanted to bring this plan to you offroa from bernie sanders and his website right there if you want to check it out you're you're welcome to do so the website is feel free to check it 

out if you want to read this for yourself that's where i got it from but either way it is nice to highlight some of these different issues out there right now that's going on with social security and it's nice to see that these lawmakers are finally recognizing that social security is kind of in a bad situation right now and we need to do something now for all of these millions of beneficiaries simply before it is way too late so it's nice to see this especially with what we saw yesterday out of john larson on the social security 2100 as well as al lawson just the other day now this from bernie sanders there's a lot of stuff going on and it's nice to see that they are actually talking about social security because as i mentioned yesterday it's not that often that congress actually talks about social security so anytime that they do we are all ears listening to what they have to say and what they can do for all of the beneficiaries anyway i hope this helps you out again i will watch everything very closely as i always do i'll be back a little bit later with another update i have some really good stuff for you cooking already i'm already compiling some pretty good information so i'll be back later with that latest update and i hope this helps you out and again if you have any questions comments anything like that please leave those down below i do my best to read as many comments as possible as well as respond to as many as possible and i can always make dedicated videos if i find the right uh the same questions coming up time and time again so again share this video with your friends family social media so they can see what's going on in regards to social security reform and some of the plans that are out there right now thanks again i appreciate it and i'll catch you again later in the next one i'll see

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