Stimulus Check Update Today! Biden's $2,400 Social Security Raise & Fourth Stimulus Check Update & SSA, SSI, SSDI

 Stimulus Check Update Today! Biden's $2,400 Social Security Raise & Fourth Stimulus Check Update & SSA, SSI, SSDI

Good morning, everyone. As you probably observed earlier this week, we had a moment of silence on the floor for over 700,000 people over what's now up to almost 725,000 miles and people who have died of COVID in the United States. This issue always is at the top of our agenda and the work that we do here. I know there's lots of attention to other legislation that goes on, but this is an important priority for us. Last weekend when I was in G 7D, 20 G seven in NATO.

The covet issue remains largely on the global scene as well. Just now, we had a clock. Actually, it was a what meeting under Mr. Clyburn's leadership, who chairs our covert select committee with a report on it, what we're doing domestically, what we're doing globally. But it just continues to be a preeminent concern for us in the Congress, as it is a preeminent concern for the American people. That's the reports we get back from our members from their districts. We know that, and we want to praise the President for exceptional leadership in addressing these concerns vaccines and arms money in people's pockets, safety in the workplace, children going back to school, all impacted by governance and science in this regard.

At the same time, we have a global responsibility and we know that and we certainly are doing a lot, but we have to do more. So here we are down to the stretch. I'm from Maryland. I'm horse racing now, horse racing, and you get to we're almost to the stretch. We've rounded the turn and we're almost to the stretch, and we're making great progress to our goal of securing a framework agreement for Build back better in a timely fashion. Although it's a smaller bill, it's still historic transformational and will make an enormous difference in the lives of America's working families again in the health care arena, we have lowering healthcare costs by reducing prescription drug prices.

That's part of our goal. Expanding Medicaid in the States that did not accept the expansion before strengthening the ACA and improving Medicare, taking us to nearly universal coverage in our country. Another bucket is the family care piece of that children learning, parents earning, especially moms, the dads too, who have responsibilities in the home with the child tax credit, childcare universal PreK. They go together home, health care paid family medical leave, workplace development, and housing to name a few of the aspects that and very important to our children.

These are jobs issues, health, and jobs.

So there's great news and jobs. Jobs. Jobs will rain down on every state. So there's much to celebrate with yesterday's signing and in the weeks and years and months and years to come, the American people will see the benefits with their own eyes. So I want to thank President Biden for finally delivering on something that previous administrations have tried to do but have been unable to complete Build Back better make no mistake. We will keep going in the weeks ahead bypassing the rest of the President Biden's.

Buildback Better Agenda It's very simple if we want to create more jobs if we want to fight inflation if we want to help families lower costs, the best thing we can do is pass Build Back Better. Let me repeat that. Want to fight inflation. Support Bill Back Better For all of 2021. We've seen a historic and unprecedented economic recovery compared to where we were at the depths of the COVID crisis. But there's no denying that. As our recovery continues, we must work to address supply chain troubles that have exacerbated inflation in recent months.

Bill Back better is exactly what the doctor ordered. No fewer than 17 Nobel Prize-winning economists and economists across the political spectrum have said repeatedly that build back Better and infrastructure together will reduce, reduce inflationary pressures. And just I think it was this morning's. Washington Post Larry Summers, one of the inflation Hawks in this country, recommended passing Build Back Better as a way to reduce inflation. The childcare investments alone will save parents thousands of dollars a year. Right now, families pay an average of $10,000 annually on childcare for each kid under four.

Many pay more than that. That's a backbreaking expense. Too many families the majority simply cannot afford will Build Back Better will provide the largest investment in child care ever. Extending the child care tax credit will help parents save on things like diapers and groceries and gasoline. And, of course, Build Back Better will finally empower Medicare to directly negotiate drug prices in Part B and Part D, lowering costs for millions of seniors in American families on insulin alone. Our plan would make it so that Americans with diabetes won't pay more than $35 a month for insulin.

Mr. President, none of the things I'm talking about are luxuries. None are handouts. They're daily essentials that families need to thrive with and which over the years have grown expensive. And America is behind this. Every poll you see there for all of these things, why will not a single Republican vote for it? Why will not a single Republican vote to reduce insulin cost to $35? Not a single Republican vote to help Americans with childcare, not a single Republican vote the best way to reduce inflation, even though they talk about it a lot.

It's profoundly disappointing to see our Republican colleagues more focused on exploiting problems faced by the American people. Just recently, my colleague, the junior Senator from Florida, told Americans precisely how he feels about the breaking news.

The number of Americans for unemployment benefits that are applying for unemployment benefits has plummeted to the lowest level in more than half a century, while employees opting against layoffs amid a persistent shortage of workers, according to Labor Department jobs, claims dropped by 71,000, 299,009, the four week average of claims, which smooths up, which smooths out also dropped by 21,000. Overall, 2 million Americans were collecting traditional unemployment checks that ended the week of November 13. That's down slightly from the week before since topping nine0 in early January.

The applications have declined steadily and have now fallen below the PRECREST level of around 220,000 a week. Until September 6. The federal government had supplemented state unemployment insurance programs but paid an extra payment up during each dollars week and extended benefits to gig workers and who were out of work for six months or more. That's including the federal programs. The number of Americans receiving some form of jobless aid peaked at more than 33 million in June 2020. The job market has staged a remarkable comeback since the spring of 2020 when the crisis forced businesses to close or cut hours and kept many Americans at home in response to the devastating consequences of the crisis.

Here's what's happening. The federal government has launched a series of multiple stimulus programs to get the USA's economy back up and running blind Americans. Risky Plan includes several measures designed to achieve this, and one of the lesser talked about initiatives could see Americans with children dependence Claim A steel must check worth around $8,000. Millions of American families with dependents are set to receive a list of six advanced multi-channel tax credits on December 15.

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