Fourth Turning | Stimulus Check Update | SSI and Social Security COLA | Fourth Stimulus Check Update 2021 - 2022

 Fourth Turning | Stimulus Check Update | SSI and Social Security COLA | Fourth Stimulus Check Update 2021 - 2022

Hey, everyone, and welcome to our website, where I give stimulus check updates and stimulus package updates as well as news coming out of Washington, DC. So if you haven't subscribed to our website, please do. So I'm giving away thousands of dollars of my own money from December 1 through December 15. I'll be holding a giveaway and you won't want to miss that. The details are coming before December 1.

I will be explaining what I'm going to do. So tons of Americans are wondering, are we going to get a fourth stimulus check? When is it coming? Are we going to get one in December of 2021 or is it going to be in 2022? Let's first take a look at where Joe Biden is as millions of Americans struggle through the holiday season to get gas pumped into their cars to put a Turkey on the table.

Joe Biden is now in Nantucket at a billionaire eating his nice Thanksgiving dinner. So in Fortune.Com, one of the articles was President Biden eats his Thanksgiving meal at $30 million Nantucket, home of private equity billionaire David Rubenstein. So it was confirmed by the White House press Secretary that this is where Joe Biden will be eating his Thanksgiving Day meal. Now, why is this important?

We'll take a look at this in the same article. It States, private equity groups like the one Rubenstein funded are expected to receive a hefty payout from the finalized Build Back Better bill. The Carlyle Group, in particular, has spent a lot of time and money lobbying for their interests to be included in the plan. So you as Americans. How do you feel about this?

Here is Joe Biden pitching this build-back better plan as he cares about the American people, and he's going to do things for everyone. And here he is spending Thanksgiving dinner at the very people that are lobbying to get included in this build-back better plan so that they can get hefty payouts. So any Democrats who are watching this, how do you feel about your new President? This is a guy who you voted in who now has a 39% approval rating, according to some, I believe it's much lower than that, depending on who you pull.

But here's a guy who said he was going to take care of Americans, the middle class, the low-income seniors, veterans, and the disabled.

And now he's having a Thanksgiving meal at a $30 million mansion. Because what's going on here? You're buddy buddying up with a group that's going to profit from your build-back better plan. So does he really care about Americans for this build-back better plan? Or is this actually just a ploy to put some money back into the billionaire's pockets?

Who the Democrats and Joe Biden say that they don't care about? They want to tax these people. So one of the things that Joe Biden keeps pitching on television is that people have to pay their fair share. And it's so bad watching him because he's reading this stuff. But here he's saying people are billionaires and millionaires multimillionaires have to pay their fair share in taxes.

So why is he cutting deals with people that are going to benefit from the build-back, better plan? Well, the answer is that Democrats say that they care about the poor and they care about the disenfranchised and they care about the disabled and they care about the minority groups and all of these things when really they don't really care about that. They're pitching this to you so that you will vote for them. And here we are in a high inflationary time where we're paying more for groceries, gas prices, housing prices.

So millionaires are able to buy houses.

But regular people are struggling because they have to put in a bid for a house and they get beat out by either a Corporation like Zillow or some other big BlackRock housing group. Or they get beat out by people who have larger amounts of money. So say it ain't so, Joe, Where's the inflation? We'll take a look at this. So inflation rates are currently at a 31 year high and have increased by about 6.2% year over year.

That means more pain in the pocketbook for average Americans who already have taken a financial hit due to rising costs. Although labor is scarce and wages are rising, real average earnings have declined 1.6% over the past year. Prices for gas, food, heating, and other household essentials are nearing record highs. Any savings people have are declining in value. You see, inflation is good for the rich because when you own a house and prices go up, the value of that house goes up.

When you own stocks, the value of those stocks goes up. This is where the rich make all of their money. In inflationary times, they buy when it's deflationary and most Americans are hurting, they're losing their homes, and so forth. And the rich are buying up everything. So here we are going into major inflation and the rich are getting richer and the poor and the middle class are getting wiped out.

So here you have Biden, who wants to put mandates on people working so they can't go to work, can't make a living, they're going to end up losing their houses, and so forth. Or also people that wanted to get a stimulus check because they're on a fixed income. And now they can't afford what they need as far as gas and food and so forth. Inflation is killing them. And this is what Biden pitched during the election period that he was going to take care of all of this and the exact reverse has happened.

This has been completely disastrous. So as far as your stimulus checks go, we're not really sure what's going to happen. I have said many times before this is going to get so bad in 2022 that checks are going to come flying out from the federal government into your pocket. But most people that have come to my channel are asking, where are the checks now? I can't afford my rent, I can't afford gas prices, I can't afford food on the table and especially people that are on SSI or disabled, and so forth.

They can't even get out there and work. So it's been really rough on a lot of people. But as far as the checks, no checks are going out from as of now from November into December 2021. I'll keep you posted on whether or not you're going to get it in that time period. But we're looking to 2022 when I think they're going to have to start rolling these out because they're going to raise the interest rates and destroy the economy.

 I want to hear some of the things that you have to say about what's going on with the economy and how you feel like a regular American, knowing some of the things I just talked about with the build-back better plan. Now, some of my other videos, I can't even wait to get into the fact of how much money that these vaccine companies are making, such as Pfizer and Johnson and Johnson, because here we are, we have Joe Biden and the Democrats pushing for these vaccines and booster shots.

And I got to tell you, these are going to come every six months.

There's going to be something, a new wave of a different variant of the Covit 19. You're going to have to get another booster, you're going to have to get a different shot. You're going to have to get all these different things to put money back into big Pharma. I keep telling people I was a Democrat back in the day, and what I learned was that they pitch that they care about the poor, that they pitch, that they care about the middle class and they're against the rich, and so forth.

But as I've done my reading and I've done my research, they're in the same club as the billionaires and the rich people.

All they want to do is mouth off and say that they care about people. And then they turn around and they're with the rich people and giving them breaks and cutting deals with them to get more money into their pockets. Big Pharma. And now, as I showed you about Joe Biden with his build-back better plan. That's going to put more money into the lock.

Obvious groups of billionaires. So thanks for visiting our site. And I'll see you at the next topic one.

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